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Subject: DocBook with InDesign for PDF

Dear DocBook experts,

Has anyone had experience with DocBook and Adobe InDesign CS2?

It seems relatively easy to make "dynamic" (XML-based) business cards
using InDesign but since DocBook is a very complex language I'm not
exactly sure if this is doable.

If "rendering" DocBook documents in InDesign seems unapproachable,
maybe we could use InDesign merely as a design tool for FO stylesheet?

I found this from RenderX:

It can convert InDesign document to FO... which may be useful to aid
designing the FO stylesheet? But again, due to DocBook's XSL-FO
stylesheet complexity.... this gives me the creeps also.

Please advise or share your experiences... Thank you.

Hendy Irawan
Web: http://hendy.gauldong.net
Mobile: +62 856 24889899
Yahoo Messenger: ceefour666
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ceefour

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