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Subject: Database for docbook components (i.e. section, para, etc) questions

Title: Message
We have been generating much of our DocBook XML content over the last year and the few files we started out with have been "fruitful and multiplied". Now we have a large bunch of XML files that is starting to get unweildly in number and we would like to start putting this info under configuration control.
I would like to hear how others have solved this problem. Do you have a database that stores these XML items or do you just use a structured file tree? Can the Docbook tools work with a database? I could not find anything in Stayton's or Walsh's books on this topic but I suspect that someone has ran into this issue and has a solution.
Also, I would like to know if anyone uses Docbook components in their Word documents. We have a marketing dept. that insists on using the MS Word tools but the software developers create docs in XML/Docbook. Can the two exist so we only have to write one XML section and not both?
Thanks for your input!
Dean Nelson   
Sr. Software Engineer
Enterprise Electronics Corp
"Too much of the world is run on the theory that you don't need road manners if you drive a five-ton truck" - Cleon Lyles

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