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Subject: Grouping a title and caption


Is there a way to keep the title and caption together for a table/ 
figure/example? Current docbook (4 & 5) stylesheets put the title  
above the object, and the caption below it, which separates the two  
elements. I'd really like to keep them together, above or below the  

I know about the formal.title.placement parameter, but this does not  
solve the problem: the title appears below the caption. Bob Stayton  
kindly provided this solution http://sources.redhat.com/ml/docbook- 
apps/2004-q3/msg00392.html  a few years ago, but is there now a  
parameter that would do the trick, without having to write templates,  
and for all captionable objects?

Thank you,

Fabrizio Gotti

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