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Subject: specify ID of index.html for JavaHelp's homeID

Hello list,

I'm integrating a JavaHelp helpset, created with db5-xsl javahelp.xsl,
into a Java application. In JavaHelp, you can specify the ID of the
initial page that loads in the JavaHelp viewer. I'd like the index.html
page to load, but it doesn't at present. The ID is specified in the
helpset file (.hs) under <maps><homeID>; the ID-URL mapping is specified
in the the javahelp map (.jhm), in a mapID element.

How do I specify an ID for index.html? The javahelp.xsl transformation
yields a mapID and homeID that are not useful.

(from jhelpmap.jhm):
   <mapID target="id4679642" url="index.html"/>

(from jhelpset.hs):

I'm fine with <homeID>top</homeID>, but how do I change the target ID
above? Do I just need an xml:id on my root element (book) before


Brett Leber

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