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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] formatting level 2 headings as a custom side float

Hi Jeff,

Jeff Powanda a écrit :
> I'm working with a DocBook customization that currently formats level 2
> headings side-by-side with body text by placing the content in a
> two-column table. The code worked fine when using FOP 0.20.5 to output
> to PDF, but it's not working so well with FOP 0.93.

The customization layer probably needs to be adapted, but there's no
reason why that wouldn't work with FOP 0.93. Can you post a snippet of
the resulting FO and explain what's not working and what you're
expecting instead?

> I wondered if there's a better, simpler approach I can take to fix. For
> example, can I format level 2 headings as a custom side float? Keep in
> mind that I want the heading to be outdented from the body text and
> right-aligned within the left margin. How would I do that?

Side-floats might do the trick, but I think using lists with negative
margin-left would be more robust. You would put the title in an
fo:list-item-label and the rest in an fo:list-item-body. Not tested, but
that should work.


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