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Subject: Body Start Indent and Chapter/Section Title Indent

Hello I was wondering if anyone can give me a little help. I
am using admonitions as custom margin notes. I have indented  the Body
text with "xsl:param body.start.indent", which looks good however I need the Chapter/Section titles to be
the same indentation. Whenever I use both "body.start.indent" with
"title.left.margin" I get some weird results, nothing close to my

Is there another way to get the chapters/section tiles aligned with the same indentation as body.start.indent? 
I am using Docbook DTD 4.4, Docbook XSL 1.69.1, and RenderX XEP 4.9. See my formatted PDF file (Starting
at Page5), also attached is the book.xml and the customization layer XSL

Thanks again, and I'm awaiting your any help patiently.




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