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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xsl:text and "\fB" results in \efB in manpage output

Daniel Leidert <daniel.leidert.spam@gmx.net>, 2007-03-20 01:29 +0100:

> In the 1.72.0 release, the mode="bold" template used
> "&#x2593;fB"
> to avoid the substitution (by the substitution map). This explains the
> different behaviour. It would have been nice to announce it in the
> Release Notes. But I cannot find a special note there.

I thought I had put preserved the checkin description for it in
the release notes but I guess I didn't.

Anyway, the complete description for the change (and for all
changes made between the 1.71.1 and 1.72.0. releases) is in the
NEWS file:


To quote from that:

  Adjusted manpages stylesheet to use U+2593 as the internal
  representation for the backslash character within the
  stylesheet. This prevents backslashes in source content from
  getting eaten.

But note that that change (and some related changes I made for the
1.72.0 release) was a misguided experiment. It ended up resulting
in prohibitively huge memory consumption for transformations of
certain documents.

So I have since reverted to a simpler and less memory-hungry way
of handling the escaping of backslash, dot, dash, and apostrophe
(which all have special meaning in roff source in certain
circumstances). So the next release will not have the "&#x2593;fB"


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