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Subject: Text style and color

Hi all,

I have to produce documents with a complex presentation for some part of the

My toolchain consists in :
XML (with owner format) --|XSLT|--> DocBook --|docbook-xsl|--> PDF

In my source XML document, there is some data where format description is part
of the data.
		<wording>A part of</wording>
		<wording> a text for xxx</wording>

In my final PDF document, I want to display xxx elements with a pretty format
representing a concatenation of txt (taking into account color and style

For this purpose, I think I have two choices, but I'm not sure the first is
possible :

1/ Generating a docbook document with color and style inside. I don't find any
documentation about customizing text color in docbook (i.e. without developping
it in my customization layer). Is it possible to do this ?

2/ Generating a docbook document with "xxx" elements inside and treating them in
the presentation layer. This means that my docbook format is extented with the
"xxx" element. Regarding the reference schema of DocBook publishing
model(http://nwalsh.com/docbook/procdiagram/) I guess it is possible. Is there a
documentation guide for extending DocBook format with owner elements ?

Thanks in advance.


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