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Subject: Images in PDF appear too large

I've been trying to get inline images in a PDF file to appear
correctly but they always seem to big. I've been following the advice
in Bob's excellent book (also available at
http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ImageSizing.html) and using

    <imagedata fileref="images/image.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1"
width="100%" contentdepth="100%"/>

So far, no luck; they appear to be scaled bigger than they actually
are (the actual image is 36 pixels wide by 14 pixels high and has a
resolution of 72 dpi -- the image appears roughly  1.5 times larger
than actual when looking at the document on screen or printed out).
I'm using the XSL 1.72.0 stylesheets and FOP 0.93 on Windows.

Any other ideas on configuration? Maybe I need to include something
about resolution in the FOP configuration file?


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