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Subject: Undesired space above itemizedlist in table in PDF output


I'm using:
*	Saxon 6.5.5
*	Xerces 2.8.0
*	Apache FOP 0.20.5

Imagine you have a table with two columns.
The cells in the left column contain text directly inside <entry> tags.
The cells in the right column contain itemizedlists, typically with
<xref> or <ulink> tags like so:


Because <xref> and <ulink> tags can't go directly inside <listitem>
tags, I wrap them in <para> tags.

*	The text in the left column's cells is aligned vertically at the
top of the cell. This is the desired behavior.
*	The lists in the right column's cells have space above/below the
list. This is not the desired behavior. I'd like for the lists to
vertically align to the top of the cell to match the corresponding text
in the left column. I can live with space below the list; but I'd love
the space at the top of the list to disappear. Is that possible?

Of course, a workaround is just to wrap the text in the left column's
cells in <para> tags so the text and lists in the right column have the
same space above them. But I'd rather not do that if there's a way to
avoid it.

Thanks for any insight you have!
Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group

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