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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] To Rene Hache, Larry Garfield, Bob Stayton, JirkaKosek - About a former XHTML accessiblity project

Nicolas RAINARD wrote:

> I don't know how it goes for general layout, but I am absolutely sure a 
> table layout is used for QandAset (what I wanted for my first DocBook). 

Yes that does seem rather redundant.
It is simply to get the number aligned with the question.
How do you think it should be done?
para, number, nbsp, question? Doesn't seem too hard does it?

Bob? Is this history or is there another reason for it?

> This is why I spent a whole day to search how I could resolve this. I 
> used the 5.0 XSLT and it seems it processes pretty much as the 4.x do. I 
> had a glimpse in the XSLT2 snapshot, and I didn't find a XHTML output in 
> this release. Maybe is it still automatically generated from the HTML 
> one? I am not sure it is the best way, for transitional HTML and strict 
> XHTML have few things in common.

Rather than aiming for valid XHTML why not check your output for 
accessibility, then come back with questions?

> Moreover, the QandAset is rendered with definition lists (<dl></dl>) 
> instead of ordered lists (<ol></ol>), which makes me puzzled...

What's wrong with DL? There are no accessibility issues there?
The use of a table within a DL is unecessary though.

> Maybe am I wrong and then, could you tell me how I can get a "pure", 
> table-less output?

You need to define 'pure'.
You mentioned accessibility. Is that your goal?


Dave Pawson

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