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Subject: Re: *** GMX Spamverdacht *** [docbook-apps] Semantically correct XHTML output project

El Miércoles, 16 de Mayo de 2007 11:48, Nicolas RAINARD escribió:

> [COMMENT FROM N.R.] Somebody (I don't remember who and when) said:
> "Be flexible in what you accept as input, be strict in what you
> output" (or something the like). Strict 1.0 (or maybe even 1.1) XHTML
> is much easier and simpler to implement than the Transitional one.

I would propose to base it on the XHTML-1.1 DTD from the beginning, to get rid 
of that deprecated @lang and @name attributes. Apart from that and the Ruby 
support XHTML-1.1 and XHTML-1.0-Strict are near the same:


Note that the @style attribute has been marked also as deprecated although is 
still valid to use it on 1.1.

> [COMMENT FROM N.R.] This CSS file shouldn't be necessary, since XHTML
> aims to be fully accessible and readable without any presentation.
> But it would be nice to (optionally) have it, if only to give an
> example on how to use the CSS hooks (see section 6).

I agree. The final look is a matter of personal choice. Maybe a css/ 
sub-directory containing contributed CSS example files would be better than 
shipping a default one.

> 5. Unless specified via the role attribute (or some other mechanism),
> The only DIV to be generated inside the main content div will be
> admonitions, sidebars and highlights.

IMHO, there is no other way to keep the semantic DB meaning of  <set>, <book>, 
<article>, <part>, <chapter>, <preface>,  <sect*>, and maybe few other tags, 
than creating a <div id="@id" class="local.name(.) | 
@user_selected_attribute"> for each one of them.

I would say "generate a DIV only for that DB block elements that are 
containers for several mixed DB block elements" 

Manuel Canales Esparcia
Usuario de LFS nº2886:       http://www.linuxfromscratch.org
LFS en castellano: http://www.escomposlinux.org/lfs-es http://www.lfs-es.info
TLDP-ES:                           http://es.tldp.org

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