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Subject: profiling=hiding?


I'm using:
*	Saxon 6.5.5
*	Xerces 2.8.0
*	Apache FOP 0.20.5

I just want to confirm that my experience of profiling is correct,
because it contradicts the description of profiling in the chapter in
Bob Stayton's book. My task is to try to control what goes in the PDF. 

My Results:
-- Any element with attribute condition="anyvalue" gets hidden and
doesn't show up in the PDF. So, the attribute is removing the element
from the output instead of putting the element into the output. That
seems to be the opposite of how profiling is described in the book.
-- It doesn't matter what I set profile.condition to when I process the
guide. Any value causes any element with a condition attribute to be
hidden from the PDF.

Does this sound right? It seems to work consistently, but it just
doesn't work like I thought it would.

Thanks so much for any thoughts you have!!

Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group

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