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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Docbook 5.0 and imageobjectco

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jacques Foucry
> <figure>
> 	<info><title>Les informations d'un enregistrement 
> A</title></info>
> 	<mediaobject>
> 		<imageobjectco>
> 			<areaspec unit="calspair">
> 				<areaset xml:id="record" coords="">
> 					<area 
> xml:id="record_name" coords="560 260"/>
> 				</areaset>
> 			</areaspec>
> 			<calloutlist>
> 				<callout 
> arearefs="record_name">Nom de la machine</callout>
> 				</calloutlist>
> 			<imageobject>
> 				<imagedata 
> fileref="images/Leopard/DNS/AddRecord2.pdf"  
> align="center" format="PDF" scalefit="1" scale="50"/>
> 			</imageobject>
> 		</imageobjectco>
> 	</mediaobject>
> </figure>

Note that the above is not valid DocBook. Always validate!

> In fact I don't have any callout icon on my picture and no 
> callout in a list after the image.

There is no support for this in FO output. 

For HTML, there is support for generating image maps (see
html/graphics.xsl). In the SVN repository there is also /trunk/imageco,
which contains two Perl scripts related to <imageobjectco>. I have
successfully processed the accompanying "duck" example, using the
areaoverlay script. The crucial step was to install the Perl API to the GD
graphics library.

This article provides more information:


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