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Subject: Bug with qandaset + FO?

Hi all,

I'm using:
* Saxon 6.5.5
* Xerces 2.8.0
* Apache FOP 0.20.5

A co-worker is running into an issue when producing PDF output from a
file with a qandaset that spans multiple pages in the PDF. He gets an
error saying he has a duplicate ID in the FO. But, that ID is actually
not duplicated; it exists only once in the FO. There's a comment in the
original XML file (which he inherited from someone else) that there's a
bug with DocBook and qandaset. The original author actually commented
out one of the Q and A's, saying something about a bug, but the comment
gives no further details. Is it something to do with a Q and A breaking
at the end of the page? Does anything like this sound familiar? I
couldn't find any specific reference to anything like this in the
archives, but perhaps I didn't look hard enough. We've tried various
things to work around this bug, but no luck as of yet.

thanks a million for any thoughts you have,
Cheri Dennison / Technical Writer
AWS Platform Group

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