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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Complex parameters.

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Where is DocBook going?  Perhaps deferring to an external standard such 
> as xNAL, merged into DocBook 5 as an optional module:
> http://xml.coverpages.org/xnal.html

Which will give you better semantic markup.
Nothing on locale specific presentation Bob?

Nor does it address the more general issue of complex parameters?

Quote, a request from a Hungarian user re name presentation.

My bigger problem is, that even by playing around with the name order,
I cannot have all my relative's names appear correctly, because of an
apparent lack of "functional" tagging of non-family/non-patronymic


PÉNZVÁLTÓ Eszter Johanna Mária

PÉNZVÁLTÓ <--- family name
Eszter <--- Saint's Name chosen at Catholic Confirmation
Johanna <--- Secondary Given Name
Mária <---- Primary Given Name

... which basically means, that the proper way to "anglicize" or
"westernize" the word order would be:

Mária Johanna Eszter PÉNZVÁLTÓ

Basically reversing everything... of course, since given names are
lumped together, the closest I can do is:

Eszter Johanna Mária PÉNZVÁLTÓ

Which, I think, gives the impression that the person's "first name" /
"primary given name" is Eszter... the only name in her list of given
names that isn't even functionally a "first name", but is rather a
"middle name" in the religious sense.

This is, in my mind, not just a *display convention*.  The name order
is a fundamental property of the name.  (e.g.: Mao Zedong's family
name is Mao [yes, really!], and Zedong is his first name.)  For more
info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_order#Name_order

end quote.


Dave Pawson

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