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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Callout inline

Hi Jacques,

On Freitag, 6. Juli 2007, Jacques Foucry wrote:
> I trying, with docbook 5.0 to have some inline callout bug. I tried
> sommething like that :
> <para>
> <programlisting>
>    blahblahlah <co xml:id"myID_CO" linkends="myLinks"/>
> </programlisting>
> In this listing we blahblah <callout arearefs="myID_CO"
> xml:id="myLinks/>
> </para>

The callout element is a block element. Although it can be used in para it 
produces a list-like environment as you already know. However, it doesn't 
create a reference. If you want to make a reference to a callout bug, you 
have to use coref.

> But I always have a transformation error because callouts are not
> allowed without calloutlist. But calloutlist produce list and I would
> like to have my callout bug inside the text.
> But, is it possible and if yes, how ?

It is possible. :) I usually avoid block elements inside para. With the 
above modifications your code looks like this:

blahblahlah <co xml:id"myID_CO" />
 In this listing we blahblah  <coref linkend="myID_CO"/>

The linkends in co is only useful, if you use a callout list and want a 
back reference to the co element. In this example I think it's useless.

Hope this is useful. :)


Thomas Schraitle

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