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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] page numbering in a set without book titlepages

I answer to myself because I've succeeded in doing that, response may help someone...

I've copied some templates in my custom stylesheet to set the page.number.format to 1 for all elements and initial.page.number to auto for all elements too.


Marie Sauvage - EBM WebSourcing a écrit :
Hi all !

I'm using docbook stylesheets 1.72.0 and fop 0.93.
For the pdf output of my set of books, I've found this on the ml wich is perfect for what I wanted : http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/docbook-apps/200505/msg00200.html
I've suppressed all books titlepages and toc, having books like parts of a big book.
I've set the initial.page.number to auto-odd in my stylesheet to have the page numbers not restarting to zero at every book, it was perfect before suppressing titlepages.
My problem is now that titlepages and toc are still counted in the page numbers, even if they not appear. For example I have :
4. last chapter ...... 15
NEXT BOOK ..........
Book preface ........ xvii
1. first chapter ...... 19

In the output, book preface (with title) is just following last page of preceding book, so it should be page 16 instead of xvii.
Is there a way to force the page numbering to follow just as it come ? don't know if I'm clear...

thanks in advance,

Marie Sauvage
EBM WebSourcing
10 av. de l'Europe
31 520 Ramonville St Agne
e-mail : marie.sauvage@ebmwebsourcing.com
IM : msauvage@jabber.objectweb.org

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