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Subject: 0.93 version of FOP causing Bookmark errors and image size issues

Hi All,

After I realized that the fop version 2.05 was never ever going to help me solve my keep-together problem, I upgraded my fop version to 0.93. But that has proved to be an even bigger nightmare!

None of the bookmarks in PDF appear though I specify <xsl:param name="fop.extensions" select="1"/> in my customization layer. In addition, the images are all out of whack!

I read somewhere that keep-together works in version 2.05 if I put notes and other admonitions within "blind tables" is there anyway to create blind tables in Serna (yes, I will pose this to the Serna group as well). But please tell me a workaround in either of the cases.

FTR: We can't afford XEP or other commercial versions!

Will this ever end? Gwad!

Thanks ALL,

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