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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] New release, including fixes over the last 5.5months?

Johnson Earls <darkfoxprime@yahoo.com>, 2007-07-12 16:17 -0700:

>     I'm just getting started trying to use DocBook for some
> documentation, and I admit to being quite frustrated.  I can't get it
> to work because of the glossary.xsl bug that fails when using xalan
> 2.7.  I know the bug has been fixed "in the svn tree", but, given that
> it's been 5 and a half months since the 1.72.0 release, I was wondering
> if there be a new release some point in the reasonable near term that
> includes that fix (and others, I presume)?

Yes. I'm currently responsible for building the 1.73.0 release and
I am working on finishing it up now.

> I am really not comfortable with just downloading from the
> snapshot, since those snapshots are (almost by definition)
> untested, not necessarily stable (or even working!).

The 1.73.0 release, as with all dot-zero docbook-xsl releases,
will also be largely untested and not necessarily stable. The
plan will be to get any bugs fixed as quickly as possible after we
get it out, then follow it with a stable 1.73.1 release.


Michael(tm) Smith


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