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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Image Size Error and Other issues with Fop0.93

El Lunes, 16 de Julio de 2007 17:06, Dishaa escribió:

> 1. Images - The images appear bigger. I am new to XML/XSL:FO and I am
> striving to find how to solve the image issue. Needless to say, I am
> nowhere close to resolving it. 


> 2. I keep hitting the WARNING: The contents 
> of row 1 are taller than they should be (there is a
> block-progression-dimension or height constraint on the indicated row). Due
> to its contents the row grows to 14400 millipoints, but the row shouldn't
> get any taller than MinOptMax[min=opt=max=14000] millipoints.
> (fo:table-row, location: 385/2553) error. I have no idea how to resolve
> this. 
> 3. Jul 16, 2007 10:46:14 AM 
> org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.table.TableContentLayoutManager
> createElementsForRowGroup - Any idea what kind of solution this requires?

Both are the same error. In the FO file, at line 385, column 2553, you will 
find the start point of the fo element that is generating that error. 

Without having the fo code and the xml xources that generates it is dificult 
to know what happens.

> 4. The "Keep-together property" seems to work with admonitions, but again,
> not with images. Can anyone tell me if this HAS or HAS NOT been fixed with
> fop.093? This page break at the wrong places happens either if I use the
> customization layer I created or the docbook.xsl stylesheet that is part of
> Serna's distribution. 

I use only the admonitions graphics, but in


say that keep-toghetther.* and keep-with-next.* work on all block-level FO 
elemments. And keep-with-previous.* work in all block elemments except list- 
and table-related FO blocks. Thus it should work if placed in the proper fo 

> 5. Another major issue is: When I use the default 
> docbook.xsl which is part of Serna's stylesheet distribution, the
> Fop1.extension for PDF bookmarks works well. When I use the customization
> layer, the bookmarks do not appear. There is obviosuly something wrong with
> this customization layer. 

> <xsl:import
> href="/home/dganapathy/Files/stylesheets/docbook-xsl-1.68.1/fo/docbook.xsl"
>/> <xsl:include href="mytitlepage.xsl"/>

Fix the DocBook-XSL version in your customization layout.

> 6. The graphics are still not appearing in both 
> cases for admonitions.

Try using the .png ones, they work fine to me.

Manuel Canales Esparcia
Usuario de LFS nº2886:       http://www.linuxfromscratch.org
LFS en castellano: http://www.escomposlinux.org/lfs-es http://www.lfs-es.info
TLDP-ES:                           http://es.tldp.org

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