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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] which emacs mode for V5.0? nXML or psgml

>>>>> "JA" == Jason Addison writes:

    JA> [...]

    JA> If I C-c C-o I get ``XML is not in any name group for element
    JA> ARTICLE'', pointing to the : in xml:lang in the article tag.

    JA> [...]

Maybe there are already far more competent responses on their way,
but maybe you are quite curious to get a very quick response ...

psgml *can* cope with XML DTDs, but only as long as *namespaces* are *not*
being made use of, and within your "xml:lang" the "xml:" is, what psgml
cannot handle.

Actually this reads like "I solved the namespace problem":


The article is from *1999* !
So derive your own conclusions about the state of psgml!

I personally migrated (almost) entirely with my DocBook files to nXML
and in the meantime also to "DocBook XML 5.0".

The "funny" thing about the XSL stylesheets is, that they seem to handle
4.x and also 5.x DocBook XML files,
it looks like they just care for features, not for version numbers.

Actually I miss psgml features like "C-c C-o" to get a buffer offering
all the attributes and the abilty to edit their values in there.

I also find it quite adventurous to use software (RELAX NG, nXML mode),
whose developer (that I have a lot of admiration for) disappeared quite
a while ago and that didn't find maintainers in the meantime. Alright,
alright, it seriously looks, as if there are no (big) problems with
RELAX NG and nXML mode waiting to get solved, but maybe I was just not
observant enough ... 

For the time being I will just enjoy (and I hope you also do) nXML mode,
it's support for DocBook, DocBook itself, the XSL stylesheets towards
HTML and towards .fo, and just all of that, as far as I understand it ... ;-)

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