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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Stripping namespace from DocBook 5 document

Jochen+oasis-open@Hayek.name, 2007-07-19 21:30 +0200:

> I'm getting a few strange messages:
>     Stripping namespace from DocBook 5 document.
>     WARNING: cannot add @xml:base to node set root element.  Relative paths may not work.
>     Processing stripped document.
> How serious shall I take those 3 messages?
> And what impact do they really have?

As Bob has pointed out, the "Stripping..." and "Processing..."
messages are informative messages that indicate normal, expected
behavior. So you can effectively ignore them.

The message about the xml:base issue is a warning. I think it
indicates that if you have used relative paths (to images or
whatever), they may not work as expected. But it's not an outright

> Can I get rid of a few of them?

(Also as Bob has pointed out), If you're working with namespaced
(DocBook 5) documents, you should probably use the docbook-xsl-ns
stylesheets. The latest releases versions of those are here:


Michael(tm) Smith


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