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Subject: FO problem: customizing section title to "rule 1.1.1"?

Dear list,

we have started to write our new coding styles in DocBook. For this, we
want to alter our XSLT Stylesheet Customization. On the third section
level, all our rules will be listed und therefore should be marked as
such with a title prefix "Rule ...". 

So could you help me with following questions:
1) How can I change the section title (of third level sections) in our
FO output from e.g. "1.1.1." to "Rule 1.1.1." ? ( When I add "Rule " to
the "label" attribute of the section's title, the output is "
1.1.Rule.", so this does not help)
2) Is there a parameter to erase the last number separator, so "1.1.1."
will become " 1.1.1" ?

Thanks a lot,

P.S.: I have tried to find the decisive reference in the XSL complete
guide, but I could not find it of missed it ("Generated text"," Figure,
table, and other titles", "Changing section title sizes") 
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