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Subject: Re: [docbook] Element for an author's website URL

[Note: I accidentally CCed the wrong list with the below message.  docbook-apps, feel free to ignore.]

"The link is a general purpose hypertext element."

The element I propose has nothing to do with hypertext.  It is simply another part of an <address>, same as <email>, <phone>, etc.  It is another bit of information about how to contact a person/organization.

If we already have <email>, then why not <web> or <homepage>?  Also remember that an email address can be displayed as hypertext as well (i.e. a mailto: link in a web browser), but it doesn't have to be.  Same with a home page URL.  We don't have to use <link> for an email address within <address>.


On 7/24/07, tom_schr@web.de <tom_schr@web.de > wrote:

> [...]
> > Maybe I am missing something obvious, but why not use link?
> Because it's a link, not a URL

But a link can also be a URI/URL. According to the TDG[1]:

  »The link is a general purpose hypertext element. [...]
   If it has an xlink:href attribute, link is the equivalent of an
   HTML anchor (<html:a href=""...">)" for cross reference
   with a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).«

Maybe I didn't understand your argument. But why introduce
another element when there is already a general purpose element
for this issue? :-)


[1] http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/link.html

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