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Subject: Please download and test 1.73.0 ASAP

This is a plea for help.

If you have interest in helping the DocBook Project produce a
stable 1.73 release, please take some time to download the
docbook-xsl and/or docbook-xsl-ns 1.73.0 packages:



[Remember that the docbook-xsl-ns package is for processing of
namespaced (DocBook 5) documents, while the docbook-xsl package is
for processing of non-namespaced ones (DocBook 4.5 or earlier).]

You can help greatly by:

  1. Downloading one or both of those releases

  2. Taking a few minutes to run some of your existing documents
     against those releases

  3. Reporting any problems that you find to this list or using
     the project bug tracker:


Due to some show-stopping flubs I introduced in 1.73.0, we need to
do a 1.73.1 release very soon. It would be great to get as many
bugs as was can found and fixed in time to go into that release
(to leave fewer that will need to go into the 1.73.2 release...)
Your help with this would be much appreciated.

NOTE: If you're using the manpages stylesheet, the 1.73.0 version
is probably not going to work for you at all, because of a
boneheaded oversight on my part. So for manpages, you might want
to just wait and test with the 1.73.1 release once it's out.



Michael(tm) Smith


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