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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] character maps

Hinrich Aue <hinrich.aue@lci-software.com>, 2007-07-30 12:52 +0200:

> Can somebody explain to me what a character map is?

In relations to the DocBook XSL stylesheets, a character map is a
feature of the manpages stylesheet that's used for converting
Unicode characters to their nroff/groff equivalents.

For more information, see the following:


The character map used in the manpages stylesheet follows the
format specified in the XSLT 2.0 recommendation:


> I'm trying to replace some ascii characters with Unicode charcters,

Why? Would it not be easier to use the Unicode characters in your

If that's really what you need to do, then a character map is
probably not what you really need. The character-map feature is
intended for doing the opposite of what you describe; that is, for
converting Unicode characters to some corresponding strings of
ASCII characters (generally, for use in output formats that don't
support Unicode).

> and I think I should use a character map.
> Can somebody give me an example?

I might be able to help, if you'd need to describe exactly what it
is you need to do -- what output format you need to do this for,
what characters you want to replace and what you want to replace
them with.

> Do I use man.string.subst.map for that?

You could, if you need to do it for manpages output.

> Btw, I use xsltproc and fop 0.9

The fact that you mention fop makes me suspect what you are trying
to do relates to FO output from the stylesheets, not manpages
output. If that's the case, I remain confused about why you would
want to replace ASCII characters with Unicode characters during
XSLT processing, rather than just using the Unicode characters in
your source to begin with.


Michael(tm) Smith


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