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Subject: Table not breaking across page

Dear Users,

I am having an issue with a large table that I need to create. The table has about 89 odd rows and though I am able to create it with no issues, when I look at the PDF output, the result looks bad. It looks to me like the table is trying to fit on the same page and as a result rows are all getting printed on top of each other.

As mentioned in Bob's book, I have even tried making the table flow to the next page by using DBFO Kep-together ="auto" as shown below. But in this case, it is somehow not taking it:

...<para>This section lists different attributes and the values for those attributes along with description.</para>
  <para><table frame="all">
      <title>Attribute - Tax Group</title>
<?dbfo keep-together="auto" ?>     
<tgroup cols="2" id="one">

Kindly assist me by pointing me in the right direction to make long tables break across pages without any issues.

Additional info: I am using 1.72.0 ver of Docbook XSL, Fop0.93 and Sytenxt Serna.

Thanks in advance,

Dishaa Ganapathy 
Princeton, NJ
Tel: 678-925-2072|Email:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."  - Marcel Proust

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