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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] getting text from external xml file

To pass it as a parameter would be easy for me, as I get it in my ant script before to call the generation !
How can I pass it as a parameter ?

But can you tell me more about the xpath solution ? or maybe give me a link to where to find doc about it ?
I think it could be better to have it directly in the stylesheet.


Dave Pawson a écrit :
Marie Sauvage - EBM WebSourcing wrote:
Hi !

I would like to add on my titlepage a text (version number) coming from an external non docbook xml file.

Yes, can be done, but it may be easier to pass it in as a parameter to the stylesheet?

If you want to modify the existing code it gets more complex, simply
because it's on the title page?

Since you've done it, you know which stylesheet is used for the titlepage generation? Not meant for modification is it, being auto-generated.

You'll have to modify that to use the document('pom.xml')/ xpath to the version, after defining the namespace of course.



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