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Subject: footnotes presented as endnotes in FO output

Title: footnotes presented as endnotes in FO output
In PDF output I would like <footnote>s to appear as endnotes - i.e in a separate section at the end of a document, rather like bibliography.  The DocBook: The Definitive Guide suggests "Alternative presentations are also possible. In print environments that do not support footnotes at the bottom of the page, they may be presented as end notes occurring at the end of the component that contains the Footnote." but leaves it up to the implementation to choose.  I want to force footnotes to appear as endnotes.  How can I do this?  This is an immediate need, any help appreciated.

But this also leads to a more general requirement:  Docbook needs a mechanism for endnotes (longer notes grouped at the end of a document or section) as well as footnotes (short asides at he bottom of a page).  This raises the question about how to mark them in the text:  footnotes by a superscript numeral, lower case letter or symbol, bibliography references as ...Smith[12]..., and endnotes as ???what??? - possibly something like [endnote 5]
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