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Subject: right width and height-attributes

Hi all,

I'm processing my docbook sources with xsltproc and all is fine. 

Graphic-Files are imported like this:

<imageobject role="html">
<imagedata fileref="../figures_web/sgbmnr-antrag-09.png"

And my HTML-output for graphic-files looks like this:

<img src="../figures_web/sgbmnr-antrag-09.png" align="middle"
alt="Ergebnis: Datenpaket">

That is not so nice because the width and the height of the graphic-file
is not in the img-tag.

I already tested the use.extensions and graphicsize.extension parameters
but with these I get a error-message like this:

No adjustColumnWidths function available

Any hints to get the right width and height-attributes in the html-File
without writing them in the XML-File?

best regards



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