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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Table not breaking across page


Adding the thead element did work! Thanks for pointing out that fundamental rule. The table heading is repeating across pages.

But it still appears without a top-border. It still appears cut off!
Here;s a small excerpt from the stylesheet:

fo:block space-before.optimum="1em" space-before.minimum="0.8em" space-before.maximum="1.2em"><fo:block id="id2884219" space-before.minimum="4pt" space-before.optimum="8pt" space-before.maximum="12pt" space-after.minimum="6pt" space-after.optimum="12pt" space-after.maximum="18pt" keep-together.within-column="auto"><fo:block font-size="10pt" font-family="Helvetica" space-before.minimum="0em" space-before.optimum="0em" space-before.maximum="0em" space-after.minimum="0em" space-after.optimum="0em" space-after.maximum="0em" keep-together.within-column="auto" text-align="left" keep-together.within-page="auto" font-weight="bold" hyphenate="false" keep-with-next.within-column="auto">Table&#xA0;B.17.&#xA0;Attribute - Ctry Code</fo:block><fo:table border-before-width.conditionality="retain" border-collapse="collapse" border-left-style="solid" border-right-style="solid" border-top-style="solid" border-bottom-style="solid" border-left-width="0.5pt" border-right-width="0.5pt" border-top-width="0.5pt" border-bottom-width="0.5pt" border-left-color="#7CC2E9" border-right-color="#7CC2E9" border-top-color="#7CC2E9" border-bottom-color="#7CC2E9" table-layout="fixed" width="100%"><fo:table-column column-number="1"/>

Let me know if you need a little more context wrt to the fo file.


Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> wrote:
Dishaa wrote:

> Another problem I saw was, when the table does neatly break across,
> the heading row does not repeat.

Do you have thead element in your DocBook table? Only table header is
repeated on the new page.

> In addition, the first row in the
> new page does not have the top-border - looks like its cut off!

It's default FO behaviour, you can change it by using the following code
in your customization layer:


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