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Subject: Adding page number prefix

Hi All,

I'm a newbie in DocBook so DocBook gurus, please forgive me questions you might find silly :-)

I'm trying to add a page number prefix (e.g. chapter number) to actual page numbers using the customized stylesheet: http://wiki.docbook.org/topic/PageNumberPrefixes.

This is what I did:

- I copied-and-pasted this stylesheet to the file and saved it as pagenumberprefix.xsl in the same directory where all FO templates are stored.

- In pagenumberprefix.xsl I added <xsl:import href="docbook.xsl"/>.

- In the command line I typed java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in book.xml -xsl pagenumberprefix.xsl -out book.fo

- Then I run FOP and got a PDF file.

- I did no changes to the rest of the stylesheets.

In this PDF file, I can see that prefixes were added to the TOC indeed, though, page numbers remain the same (1,2,3, etc.)

What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Jonathan Frederikssen
Technical writer

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