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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] About keep-together


Which element are you using for the image? Using para and Graphic element may not work. Try using these elements:

Mediaobject - Main element - Level 1
 - Text Object - Level 2
   - Para - Level 3
- Image Object - Level 2
  Imagedata - provide link of the image. - Level 3

I am, however, new to DocBook myself, more experienced members in this community can please correct me, if I am providing the wrong pointer.


Jacques Foucry <jacques@foucry.net> wrote:

I have a little problem with a para containing an image. I would like
to have all this para in the same page.

I tried with juste after the tag. But
it doesn't work. And I read in Bob's book about keep-together is
useful for table, figures and equations.

May be I put the keep-together in a wrong place.

What to you think ?

Thanks in advance,
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