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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook Markup


I want to write DIVs instead of Tables ultimately.  This is where web pages are going as there are several problems with tables in HTML.

I am aslo having problems assigning 'class' tags to tables which makes the layout difficult.  Using DIV allows mcuh more control through the use of CSS.


Denis Bradford wrote:
Where do you want to generate divs?

I haven't noticed a one-to-one mapping in the docbook HTML stylesheets: divs seem to be generated to put structure around all kinds of things that don't inherently have structure in HTML. For example:


  might become:


The other possible answer is that if you have a customization layer, you can make divs appear any place you want.

Russell Seymour wrote:
I have been looking around on the web for a while and the excellent www.sagehill.net site but I have been unable to work out what DocBook markup can be used that will be converted to a DIV in the HTML output.

Is there such an element that I can use for this?

Thanks, Russell

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