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Subject: Announcement: The "Speaker" Slides Extension

I have been using DocBook slides for presentations and lecturing for
several years now. In particular for lecturing (where, with growing
experience, my slides become sparser, the blackboard denser, and the
teaching more interactive), I've been missing the possibility of using
my laptop to consult personal notes or access data or programs not for
the audience to see.

So I implemented the "Speaker" Slides Extension.

The idea is to generate a flat file containing all slides for the
speaker. The audience's view is displayed in a separate window (using
Xinerama or a multihead display), and is updated via Javascript as the
speaker navigates around in his view.

I invite any interested parties to check out my self-documenting
example at
http://www.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~piater/test/speaker/speaker.html, and
to give me feedback. If it finds potential users other than myself, it
might be useful to include it in the official docbook-slides
distribution, where I'd be happy to maintain it for as long as I
actively use it myself.


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