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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Slides output formating

Hello Pedro,

The slides stylesheets work without problems. You have to set the 
base.dir parameter to the path of the output folder if you do not want 
to generate the output files in the start directory of oXygen. If you 
set one of the stylesheets located in [docbook-slides-folder]/xsl/ as 
the XSLT stylesheet of the transformation scenario and the 
transformation does not work it seems there is an oXygen transformation 
scenario issue so I think we should continue the thread off list. Please 
reply to support@oxygenxml.com.



Pedro Pastor wrote:
> One more point (abusing on your patience): I have tried to process the
> simple slides.xml source file from the distribution, using several slides
> “flavours” and I always get the same error: the XSLT processor (Saxon in my
> case) cannot find the path to a required resource (it doesn’t tell me which
> one). 
> Any clue about what’s going on? (I’m using Oxygen 8.2 tool, and the path to
> the source XML and to the main XSL are set in the “transformation scenario”
> environment).

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