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Subject: DocBook XSL-NS 1.73.1 re-released/re-uploaded

DocBook Project <docbook-dev@xml-doc.org>, 2007-08-20 00:35 +0900:

> The DocBook Project wishes to announce that version 1.73.1 of the
> DocBook XSL-NS Stylesheets is now available for download from the
> project website:
>   http://docbook.sf.net/files/xsl-ns/latest
>   http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook

After uploading the docbook-xsl-ns 1.73.1 release, I discovered
that the catalog.xml file shipped with the release was not
correct. So I corrected the catalog.xml file and re-uploaded the
docbook-xsl-ns-1.73.1.* files to Sourceforge.

The only difference between the corrected docbook-xsl-ns-1.73.1.*
files and the ones I initially uploaded is that the corrected ones
include a catalog.xml file that maps the canonical URL for the
docbook-xsl-ns stylesheets, while the uncorrected ones mistakenly
point to the canonical URL for the (non-namespaced) docbook-xsl

It will probably take the SF download mirrors a while to catch up,
so if you want to make sure you have downloaded the corrected
version, check to make sure the catalog.xml file matches the
attached file.




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