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Subject: DocBook Cookbook: was [docbook-apps] customization layer for DocBook 5.0: TheTransition Guide

Mike and Brett,
>> On a related note, have I mentioned that a DocBook
>> effects and how to achieve them--would be a really great resource?
> Might be an interesting project to try to work on with a
> collaboratively with a group of other people, and publish it under
> an open-source license. Or, I can think of some tech-book publishers
> who would be happy to publish such a book if they could find a
> good author willing to put time into working on it, and who could
> commit to a delivery schedule.
This seems like an intriguing idea, though potentially challenging,
since Bob's book covers so much ground already.

But, I can see how the cookbook format could be a great resource
and good supplement to what Bob has done, and of course, there's
a lot of DocBook beyond the stylesheets that could be covered.

I'd be interested in collaborating on this kind of project, and
might even have time for it if I can wrap up my current project:-).

Dick Hamilton

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