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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] img.src.path not taken into account


>> I'm customizing the stylesheet for the title page of a book; everything
>> works fine except for an annoying
>> detail: it contains an external-graphics tag which does not take the
>> 'img.src.path' variable into account.
>> I use the Maven jdocbook plugin which uses Xalan, FOP and Docbook XSLT
>> 1.70.1.
> Version 1.70.1 was released over a year ago; the current version
> is 1.73.1. If possible, please test with 1.73.1 and see if you can
> reproduce this problem with that.
I've tested with 1.72.0 and 1.73.1, to no avail.  I've also tried to 
launch xalan by hand instead of relying to the jdocbook plugin: the 
result is the same.

I can fix by changing the external-graphic tag and specifying to use 
img.src.path manually, like this:
<fo:external-graphic src="{$img.src.path}/images/ionic-logo.tif"/>


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