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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] customization layer for DocBook 5.0: TheTransition Guide

Ken and Michael,
> Ken Morse <kenneth.morse@gmail.com>, 2007-08-29 14:23 -0400:
> > Thanks for all the good information about the stylesheets. 
> > Your response to Brett has prompted me to ask a few, hopefully
> > related, questions:
> > 
> > I notice that the howto.xml file you pointed to at
> >
> > is slightly different than the one at
> > http://docbook.org/docs/howto/2006-10-22/howto.xml -- is 
> > this intentional?
> I don't know. I guess I should point out that I'm not the owner of
> that howto (Norm and Jirka and Dick Hamilton are, I think) and
> didn't really contribute anything to development of it or to the
> original build system for it. I just stepped in to try to help
> answer Brett's questions about it and help him do what he needed.
As far as I can tell, the differences (other than the recent changes
Michael mentions below) are superficial and don't make any substantive
difference.  That's probably why there hasn't been a new issue of the
howto.  I haven't updated it myself in a while, so I suspect that Jirka
made the changes (some of them are just to parameterize the version
number, and most of the rest seem to be white space differences).
> > The Transition Guide talks about moving from DocBook 4.5 to 5.0, but
> > really cover changes to how the "ns" stylesheets could be used.
Presumable a
> > future version of the document should recommend using the "ns"
versions of
> > the stylesheets for DocBook 5.0 documents and also talk about how
> > customization layers would need to be changed (adding namespace
> > etc.)?
> Yeah, I agree that should be added. The only issue with that is
> the same one we always have: Finding somebody who has time and
> interest in doing it. Somebody on the project may find time to do
> it, but we also welcome editorial/content contributions from
> anybody else who might want to send something. The sources are
> available, so it'd mostly be a matter of checking those out,
> making changes/additions, then sending those to us as a patch.
If no one leaps up and raises their hand, I'll take a look at that
section, but it may take me a little while; I use the ns stylesheets,
but I haven't looked at the internals except at a superficial level.
> > The section on stylesheets
> > <http://www.docbook.org/docs/howto/#dbxsl>includes a link to
> > "experimental stylesheets" from
> > http://sagehill.net/xml/docbook5ns/ -- perhaps the link should be
updated to
> > something like http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl->
ns/current/ and
> > strike the part about the stylesheets being experimental?
> I've gone ahead and done a quick edit/update of that section, and
> checked it back in. So the change is included in the source and
> will be in the next published revision of the document (unless one
> of the owners chooses to revert it).
Thanks for adding that note.

Dick Hamilton

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