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Subject: ANNOUNCE: DocBook Xalan Extensions 1.00 released

Version 1.00 of the DocBook Xalan Extensions is now available:


The DocBook Xalan Extensions are a set of Java functions you can
use when processing documents with the DocBook XSL Stylesheets and
the Xalan-Java XSLT engine; for more details, see the "DocBook
Xalan extensions" section of DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide -


Note that for the convenience of end users, jar files containing
Java classes for these extensions are also bundled with all
DocBook Stylesheets releases -- so downloading this package
separately is not a necessity for most end users.

This separate package is instead provided as a convenience for
downstream packagers for various Linux distributions and other
platforms. Note that in addition to including the same jar files
that are bundled with the DocBook Stylesheets, this package also
includes the Java sources for the extensions, as well generated
Javadoc documentation for them, along with an Apache Ant build.xml
file that enables you to build the extensions from their sources.

This 1.00 release is the initial release of the extensions as a
standalone package; therefore, no release-notes document or
changelog is included in this release.

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