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Subject: olink generated text question

Hello there,

I've recently started using DocBook and the XSL stylesheets (1.73.1).

To create links between single documents I'm using the olink element. 
Everything works fine except for the link text that is generated.

Since I just want a link to the document as a whole (not to a specific 
element within the document), I don't specify a targetptr attribute, 
i.e. my olink elements look like this:

    <olink targetdoc="OtherDoc" />.

However, the rendered link (both HTML and FO/PDF) has the text

    Document Title"Section 1""Section 2""Figure a""Table I"...

(it seems all <title>s of the target document have been concatenated)

Is this a bug or a feature?
What is the simplest way to get only the document title rendered as the 
text of the link?

(In case it matters: my documents have lang="de" in the root element,
the root element is <article>, the XSLT processor is Saxon 6.5.5)

Best regards,

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