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Subject: White space in fo question

I've been playing around with the various white space attributes
trying, with no success so far, to achieve the following with fo:

Given the following input text (I've replace the space character
with '^' to make things clearer):


I'd like to get the following output using a monospace font (Courier):


Note that the two spaces between each sentence have been preserved,
the text has been wrapped, and the indentation in the source has been

By setting the attribute "white-space-collapse" to false in the
"root.properties" attribute set, I get everything I need, except
the spaces used to indent the source aren't ignored, which gives
output that looks like:


I've tried various values of white-space-treatment to no avail,
including ignore-if-after-linefeed, which on paper would seem
to be the right choice.

I've tried this with FOP 0.93 and XEP 4.4 with the same results,
so I think the fop processor is irrelevant.  And, I'm using saxon8
with the 1.73.1 stylesheets.

Any ideas?

Dick Hamilton

P.S.  I know, with proportional fonts, no one puts two spaces
after a sentence any more, but I'm using Courier and need that
typewriter effect:).

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