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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ulink doesn't show as footnote when usingXSL-NS Stylesheets

Ken Morse <kenneth.morse@gmail.com>, 2007-09-05 15:25 -0400:

> I figured out what was happening and attached a patch to the issue in the
> bugtracker. When the XSL stylesheets detect a 5.0 document (using
> namespace), the stripns.xsl stylesheet converts a link to a ulink if the
> link points to an external reference. The XSL-NS stylesheets have no such
> conversion so link (in fo/xref.xsl) has been patched to call the ulink
> template if the link points to an external reference.

I see -- so more specifically, it looks like your patch causes the
template for the DocBook-namespaced link element to checks and see
if any link has an xlink:href or href attribute; if it finds one
that does, and the href value is non-empty and doesn't start with
a hash sign, then it calls the ulink template and passes the href
value as the value of the url parameter for that template.

And if it doesn't find an xlink:href or href attribute at all, the
link template just does the same thing it's already doing now.

So that all looks correct to me.

> Although I built a patch for the xref.xsl file, I'm not sure this is helpful
> since I don't know how the XSL-NS Stylesheets are currently built. If they
> are still built by transforming the XSL stylesheets

They are still build for the non-namespaced XSL stylesheets and
are likely to continue to be built that way for as long as they
continue to be maintained and available (which is probably means
until we moved over completely to a set of natively
namespace-aware XSLT 2.0 stylesheets).

> then a special transformation for link in fo/xref.xsl would need
> to be added.

Actually, I think we can probably just add your patch (or
something the achieves the same effect) to the non-namespaced
XSL stylesheets source. Though it's true that in DocBook 4 and
before, xlink:href and href are not valid attributes on link, the
XSL stylesheets don't need to be limited to processing only what's
valid in DocBook 4. If we add the check for href to the XSL
stylesheet source, I think it may just get copied over unchanged
to the corresponding template in the generated XSL-NS stylesheets
-- and that check for href will be harmless as far as processing
instances of DocBook 4 and before, because the code will just
never get exercised (always evaluate to false) when processing
valid instances DocBook 4 and before.

But I'll need to try adding it and then running the XSL-NS build
to see if that's actually the case or not. If it's not, then I
think Bob (who's the one that created the XSL-NS build) will need
to take a look at it and figure what needs to be done.



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