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Subject: Links from DocBook to Java ApiDoc


we're starting to use DocBook to document architecture and concepts of 
our web application written in Java. Now it would be great to have links 
in the generated HTML and PDF to the generated ApiDoc (Javadoc), ideally 
without having to know the exact location of the ApiDoc when writing 

For example
could be formatted as a link to the Javadoc of the class Foo.

Most probably there is more information required, since we don't need 
links for all occurences of <classname> and we don't want to see the 
complete package name in the output, so perhaps the XML to be written 
has to look more like
<classname java:fullClass="org.something.app.Foo">Foo</classname>

Even more information is required to create correct links for 
<methodname>, particulary the full type of all parameters.

Before starting to develop our own solution for this I wanted to ask if 
somebody else has probably done this already.


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