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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How do I embed fonts in a PDF?

On 15 sept. 07, at 23:26, Sheldon Plankton wrote:

> Thanks Jacques ... can you point me to that XEP example ... BTW  
> what's XEP? :)

XEP is another xslt-fo processor (not free) like FOP.

The sample is that :

<font-family name="Palatino" embed="true" ligatures="&#xFB00; &#xFB01;  
&#xFB02; &#xFB03; &#xFB04;">
		<font-data ttf="pala.ttf"/>
	<font style="italic">
		<font-data ttf="palai.ttf"/>
	<font weight="bold">
		<font-data ttf="palab.ttf"/>
	<font weight="bold" style="italic">
		<font-data ttf="palabi.ttf"/>

With the keyword embed="true" in the <font-family> tag, the palatino  
font will be embedded in the PDF document generated by XEP.

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