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Subject: Posting examples on the wiki


I've wanted to browse through examples from other people's publishing
tool chains on many occasions over the past few years.  Today I spent
some time figuring out a particular xi:include technique and now that I
have it, I'd like to post it somewhere.  I see in the archives, this
subject has come up before.

Is there a more commonly used wiki for DocBook publishing techniques
than this one?


If that's the one, is there a spot in it for posting miscellaneous
stylesheet customizations or other publishing tricks?  I don't see one
so unless there's a more appropriate wiki, I would create a new topic
for that.

Does anyone feel that miscellaneous publishing system snippets *should
not* be shared on the DocBook wiki?  Clearly, code from my stylesheets,
content, or publishing scripts will not necessarily work for anyone
else.  However, I learn best from concrete examples that I can modify
for my own environment.

Thanks for your guidance.

Peter Desjardins

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