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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Slides for DocBook 5?

Hi Michael -

"Michael(tm) Smith" <smith@sideshowbarker.net> wrote on Tue, 14 Aug
2007 07:54:14 +0900:

> Justus-bulk@Piater.name, 2007-08-13 17:52 +0200:
>> I'd love to see a new docbook-slides package for DocBook 5 ... and
>> functional stylesheets with the docbook-xsl-ns package.
> ... But I will discuss with Bob if we can try to get namespace
> support added to the Slides stylesheet for the 1.74.0 release.

Any news?

I use docbook-slides a lot, and it works so well for me (mainly
because of the shared infrastructure (and content) with my non-slides
docbook content) that I'm not going to abandon it anytime soon, even
if I'm the only person on the globe who uses them.

You guys are much better positioned than I to do the initial
conversion. Once the tools are in a usable state, I could quite
naturally do some of the maintenance myself if nobody else is
sufficiently interested.

As far as the stylesheets are concerned, rather than to keep
reinventing wheels, maybe it is wiser to support instead a conversion
tool to an existing, "fancier" HTML presentation system such as S5
What do the other browser-based presenters on this forum think?


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