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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Generating font metricss file for Helvetica-Bold,Helvetica and Times-Roman?


You appear to be on a Linux box. Install the gsfonts package (“Fonts for 
the Ghostscript interpreter(s)”). You will get clones of the 35 
well-known Postscript fonts, among which the base 14 PDF fonts (Times, 
Helvetica, Courier...).
Go to the directory where these fonts are installed (probably 
    $ grep FullName *.afm
You will get, for each file, the name of the font described in it. 
“Nimbus Roman No9 L” corresponds to Times, ”Nimbus Sans L” to Helvetica, 
“Nimbus Mono L” to Courier. Pick up the corresponding pfm files and 
generate the xml metrics like you did. You’re done.


Sheldon Plankton a écrit :
> I have had a minor success.  I realized that I do not have to use
> Helvetic-Bold, Helvetica or Times-Roman (At least I hope I do not.)
> Because I was able to subsitutue Times-Roman for
> LMRomanDemi10-Regular.  This is the font in the lmb10.pfm PFM file.
> What I had to do was this ...
>> ... the problem I am having is that lmb10.pfm is not the pfm file for
>> Helvetic-Bold, Helvetica or Times-Roman.  Where are the pfm files for
>> these fonts?
>> Thanks

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